Sock Bun Success

My hair and makeup and outfit are a big part of my preparation for class. I simply don’t feel confident and well-turned-out unless I’ve taken time to put my look together. Maybe that’s vain, but there it is. It’s not about looking awesome and impressing anyone else, or having the latest designer dance wear, but more about mentally being ‘ready’ for class.

So naturally, I’m always on the lookout for new hairstyles to try out, and one that I’ve never managed to master is the ‘sock bun’. They always fell out, or the sock would show through my hair, or I just completely lacked the coordination to roll the hair onto the sock all together.

That is, until I discovered this video, with a unique, non-rolling, hair elastic method.

I made myself a ‘sock’ out of an old pair of tights, and I kid you not, this bun took about two minutes to do and stayed in place perfectly. Considering my track record with sock buns, I was shocked! Here’s my effort (and please excuse the picture, I’m a dancer, NOT a photographer! lol)


What’s your go to style for class? Or have you seen any great video tutorials?





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