Turn Out and Turn Boards

After the kids were all in bed last night, I decided to really give my new balance board a workout, and I have one word. OW!

That contraption is engaging muscles that I didn’t even know existed.

Today I am certainly feeling it in my calves and glutes. It’s obvious that these tiny stabiliser muscles don’t get much of a workout usually. One thing that I also noticed in using the board is that I definitely have a dominant side. Rocking the board back and forward whilst standing on my right leg was infinitely easier than doing the same on my left.

I also noticed that any weakness in turn out is greatly amplified. Bringing a leg up to retire, then trying to developpe devant, whilst maintaining turn out had me almost swiveling around on the spot. Possibly, without the anchoring stability of the supporting leg being firmly rooted on solid ground, weakness in my pelvic support for turn out was causing the board to spin. I’m not sure. But there is definitely something funky going on in my hips there.

Either way, I think the board is going to really help me, and I’m pretty excited about it! I even took a picture!


It also got me excited about looking for some other gadgets that could possibly help me with my abysmal pirouettes. I’m pretty certain that after several years of dancing with a partner and ‘down into the floor’, pulling up during a turn and finding my own balance has been problematic.

After a bit of Googling however, I came cross ‘turn boards’. The turn board fail videos on YouTube make it look pretty darn scary, but I’m willing to give it a go if it might help. Has anyone got any recommendations re turn boards? Or any tips and tricks to prevent me falling on my ass if I do get one?




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