Balance Boards

This morning I was halfway down the rabbit hole of YouTube video auto-play when something interesting caught my eye. I came across this clip of Barry Drummond of the English National Ballet using a Bosu Balance Trainer. Check out his amazing form!

I knew instantly that I had to go out and get one, if only because it reminded me of my brief stint in circus…

However, as I am somewhat impatient and also fiscally challenged, I went out and brought a $10 balance board from Target. This is also probably not a bad idea since it gives me the opportunity to try out the exercises without shelling out a whole pile of cash. If I fall in love with balance training, I will definitely upgrade to the Bosu, as it looks amazing.

I’ve had a go on my board, and am now realising just how bad my balance is! I can manage to do the above moves on flat, but forget about doing it on demi pointe! Luckily there are a bunch of different videos on YouTube for both the Bosu and generic balance trainers, ranging from beginner to advanced.

I’m looking forward to putting some time in on the board over the next few weeks and seeing if it improves my centre work in class.

Have you used a balance trainer before? Let me know if there are any exercises or videos in particular that you recommend.

— D. D.



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